Meet the team who make us today!

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Our Vision

Fitness tracking platform for everyone.

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Our Mission

Easy. Fun. Reliable fitness tracking.

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People First

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Meet The Team

Justin Gerber

Founder & Co-Owner

Learn About Justin

At eighteen Justin left for California to follow his dream to play baseball professionally. After a career ending injury, Justin returned home and began working in the Vegas nightclub scene. In 2013 Justin became interested in Cryptocurrency and that sparked his trading career.
Having found success using methods of investing taught to him by his late mentor Timothy P Flynn who co-founded West Air, Valujet, and Allegiant Airlines along with 8+ years of trading every day he is determined to teach his secrets to success to all that will listen.
In 2020 Justin decided to take his passion of trading and business and created the Wolves Of Wealth community. Within months of launching Justin has had over 1000 members join and continues his mission to help them become financially independent.
He also credits his late mother who taught him the value of money and the importance of investing, along with taking him on her vending routes as a child.

Learn About Chris

Chris is a former D2 Basketball walk-on and Finance Graduate from Humboldt State University.
After obtaining his degree in early 2017 he found a home doing Executive Recruiting (headhunter) in Finance & Accounting in Southern California. All the while continuing to sharpen his knowledge and skills in the market, specially trading options. In early 2019 he quit his corporate job and sought out to take on the Wall St. full time.
Since then he partnered up with Justin Gerber in early 2021 and set out on their mission to help as many people as possible become financially independent.