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Learn next to Justin Banks & Chris Popov, in one of the fastest growing trading community! Justin & Chris have a combined 15 years of trading experience and are here to help you learn and grow as a trader every day!


Meet The Team

Justin Banks


At eighteen Justin left for California to follow his dream to play baseball professionally. After a career ending injury, Justin returned home and began working in the Vegas nightclub scene. In 2013 Justin became interested in Cryptocurrency and that sparked his trading career.

Having found success using methods of investing taught to him by his late mentor Timothy P Flynn who co-founded West Air, Valujet, and Allegiant Airlines along with 8+ years of trading every day he is determined to teach his secrets to success to all that will listen.

In 2020 Justin decided to take his passion of trading and business and created the Wolves Of Wealth community. Within months of launching Justin has had over 1000 members join and continues his mission to help them become financially independent.

He also credits his late mother who taught him the value of money and the importance of investing, along with taking him on her vending routes as a child.

Chris Popov


Chris has been interested and inspired by business and the markets from a young age by his father, Val Popov, a former teacher of economics who received his Bachelors Degree in Business and Economics from the University of Redlands. His mother, a retired elementary school teacher of 35+ years also aided his inspiration to help teach and educate others financially.

He became a D2 Basketball walk-on and Finance Graduate from Humboldt State University. After obtaining his degree in early 2017 he moved to Newport Beach, CA where he landed his first sales job, becoming an Executive Recruiter (headhunter) in Finance & Accounting for all of Southern California. Even though he found early success in this lucrative industry he knew he didn’t want to do it forever. He continued to study around the clock to sharpen his knowledge and skillset in the stock market, specifically trading options. His goal was to supplement his high-paying sales job and eventually build a large enough portfolio that would allow him to do it full time. That time came in early 2019 and he quit his corporate job to take on Wall Street. He never looked back.

Continuing to navigate the markets with success, he met Justin in early 2021 in Venice, CA for lunch where they discussed building a community that set out to inspire, educate and empower people to become financially literate and free through trading and investing. He knew their different trading styles and strategies would allow them to compliment each other immensely and help as many people as possible.

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